APECS Sweden Board Members 2021

APECS Board member 2021-
Jasmine Stavenow
National veterinary institute (SVA)
Department of Research and Development

I am employed by the National veterinary institute (SVA) in Sweden, at the Department of Research and Development, where I am the project leader of the national health and disease surveillance program for marine mammals. I am a biologist, and earned my masters degree in Ecology and Conservation Biology at Uppsala University in 2016. Throughout my career I have worked with aquatic ecosystems and behavioural ecology, mostly focusing on fish and marine mammals. At present I mainly work with seal species native to Sweden, and the only resident cetacean, the harbour porpoise. Occasionally other whale species have crossed my path such as Sowerbys beaked whale, Humpback whale and Northern Bottlenose whale. I have a keen interest in polar research, and I believe cooperation across disciplines is necessary to find workable solutions needed for complex issues. In this respect, I take particular interest in the development and adoption of new technologies.
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Board member 2021-

Thomas Frank
PhD student
Department of Geosciences, University of Uppsala

I am a PhD student in Glaciology at the Geoscience Department of Uppsala University. Previously, I was a Master student in physical geography at Stockholm University. Within my PhD project, I try to answer the question how much ice is stored in all glaciers and ice caps of the world outside the large ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. To that end, I need to unravel the subglacial topography of every single glacier in the world which I achieve by running an ice flow model ‘backwards’ to derive the glacier bed from known input parameters. Besides my professional interest in glaciers, I am a huge fan of all things icy, snowy and cold (especially when combined with skiing)! 


Julia Kukulies
Executive Secretary 2020
Julia Kukulies
PhD student
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Interested in: Precipitation changes in the Third Pole Region, High mountain environments, Atmospheric circulation


Julia Wagner (2019 > )
PhD student
Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University
Interested in: Arctic coastal permafrost soils
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Martin Mohrmann (2018 > )
PhD student
Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg

Hi, I am a PhD student at the University of Gothenburg, looking at Polynyas in the Weddell Sea. I started my career with a degree in physics in my home country Germany, worked a couple of years developing software in insurance business and now I am back for science! Besides APECS and polynyas, my interests lie in electronics and sports, hiking, climbing, enjoying the beautiful nature of Sweden.








Freya Sykes (2019 > )
Master student
Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University
Interested in: post glaciated and Arctic landscapes, tephrochronology

Past board members

APECS Sweden thanks past board members for their contributions:

Martin Mohrmann (2018-2021), Corinna Röver (2017-2020), Sasmo Grasic (2018-2019), Daniel Emanuelsson (2019), Lina Rassmusson (2018-2019), Céline Heuzé (2016-2019), Andrea Luciani (2018-2019), Juri Palmtag (2017-2019), Mats Björkman (2016–2018), Rhiannon Mondav (2017–2018), Joakim Jansen (2016–2017), Matthias Siewert (2016–2017), Patrícia Pečnerova (2016–2017), Christopher Cosgrove (2016), Magdalena Pfaffl (2016), Ylva Sjöberg (2016).