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APECS Workshop “Voices from the North. Exploring research on resource extraction, local communities and built environments in Northern Sweden”

3 September 2019 @ 12:3017:00

The  workshop is organised by APECS Sweden (Association of Polar Early-Career Scientists) at Luleå University of Technology. It will explore the process of resource extraction, which has been shaping Northern Sweden both physically and socially, from a local perspective. Three speakers from Luleå University of Technology will present their ongoing research on the local context and on the interrelations among communities, society and built environment in Norrbotten. Their insights on power relations, indigenous perspectives and built heritage will spark the debate. How is resource extraction shaping the space and the society of the region?  How do different stakeholders interact and which roles do indigenous peoples and the historic built environment play within these ongoing transformations? It is expected that these and other questions will emerge and evolve with the contribution of the participants,
especially among early-career researchers.


Please, subscribe at: https://forms.gle/m5pJKNpPGPZojxR67



12.30-12.45 Introduction to the workshop

12.45- 14.15 Presentations (each speaker will introduce his/her speech with a short presentation of his/her research group at LTU)

12.45-13.15 Johan Sandström
Research group of Accounting and Control, LTU
Organizing rocks: power relations in an arctic mining town

13.15-13.45 May-Britt Öhman
Research group of History, LTU
Dálkke, dam disasters and water protectors.
Perspectives on Indigenous peoples’ long-term work for ‘human security’,
environmental protection and climate change mitigation.

13.45-14.15 Jennie Sjöholm
Research group of Architecture, LTU
Heritagisation and the use of history in arctic towns.
Examples from Norrbotten.

14.15-14.45 Roundtable discussion.

14.45-15.15 Fika

15.15-16.45 Workshop.

Participants will have the opportunity to
elaborate on the presentations working
in small groups and to interact actively with
the three invited speakers.

16.45-17.00 Wrap-up and conclusions with the speakers
At the end of the workshop, participants, and especially
early career researchers, are invited to attend a PolarPub
networking event organised by APECS Sweden.


Contacts: andrea.luciani@ltu.se; berta.morata@ltu.se


3 September 2019


Room F664f, F Building, Luleå University of Technology
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