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In Gothenburg, tonight: Polar Pub!

Are you in Gothenburg tonight? Are you interested in polar research? (of course you are!)

Join APECS Sweden for a Polar Pub!

Starting at 16.30 in Söderhavet (GVCs coffee room), Guldhedsgatan 5C, it will feature cake, coffee and two exciting, short presentations:

– Imke Sievers, “The winter stratification on the Siberian shelf – a one dimension model study”;

– Christopher Leifsson, “Shruboclimatology – Tracking permafrost degradation and climate variability in shrub growth”.

We will then move to the Bishop’s Arms in Järntörget. You can also join us directly there at 18.15.

Check Twitter (@APECS_Sweden) and our facebook group for any update

If you are surprised by this info, that means that you have still not registered to the APECS Sweden mailing list! Do so by going HERE, and selecting Sweden as your country of residence.

Changes are coming

New year, new Executive Secretary, new board members, new ideas… 2017 is looking exciting! Here are the first changes that will happen in the coming weeks:

The editing circle: a forum for peer-reviewing applications

Have you ever written something, but had no one to turn to for comments? Then why not turn to the wider APECS Sweden network? This forum aims at bringing together early career researchers that have a text that needs being read, and others that have time and/or are willing to sharpen their criticism skills. Adapted for funding or job applications when:

  • you are in competition with others in your research group;
  • your advisor is too busy to read you on time;
  • no one around you knows enough about the topic you write about.

Addition of a publication page

Because APECS is about sharing knowledge and increasing your visibility, we will advertise our members’ publications. It will also help students find who to contact for projects.
Each Thursday, one of these publications will be highlighted on Twitter (#ThursdayRead).

While these changes are implemented:

  • send us your publication references;
  • follow us on Twitter @APECS_Sweden;
  • like our page on Facebook and join our group there;
  • and most importantly, tell your friends and colleagues about APECS!


Highlights of 2016

It’s the end of my election period as the Executive Secretary and I would like to give you a brief overview of what we’ve achieved in the revived APECS Sweden this year.

  • We organized a screening of Hanna Ljungh’s film ‘I am a mountain, to measure impermanence’, followed by a mingle and discussion with Hanna Ljungh and Prof. Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist, Director of Tarfala Research Station

  • We tried to spread important or useful information through our social media channels – including our Twitter profile, Facebook page and Facebook group.
  • We used the new logo for branding and during Polarforum we distributed dozens of our new beautiful mugs and bags.

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Preliminary program for APECS Polarforum Workshop

We are looking forward to meeting all early career scientists in polar research in Sweden at this year’s Polarforum.

On November 23, 2016 at the Maritime Museum, we’ll spend an afternoon with networking and activities supporting young scientists in developing a successful career.

To REGISTER, fill in the form available HERE.

A preliminary program is now available:

13:00-13:30 – 
Welcome and APECS Sweden info

13:30-14:30 – Career Development: Panel discussion with Veijo Pohjola, Åsa Lindgren, Karen Assmann, Sandrine Testaz

14:30-15:00 – Upcoming calls and expeditions: Information from SPRS

15:00-15:30 – Fika

15:30-16:30 – Polar safety with Henrik Tornberg (SPRS): Getting things in order. Communication devices

16:30-17:00 – Elections of the new Executive Secretary and Steering Committee (More info)

Early career scientist who travel from other locations in Sweden outside Stockholm and Uppsala counties can apply for a travel grant to participate in Polarforum. To apply, fill in the relevant fields in the registration form.

APECS Sweden seeking new leadership: Call for applications


Exciting times in APECS Sweden!

We have decided to formally turn APECS Sweden into a non-profit organization and the first and most crucial step will be establishing the organization statutes. This will take place during our first official annual meeting at Polarforum2016. Free registration, travel grants and awesome gifts HERE.

At the meeting, we will elect the Executive Secretary of APECS Sweden for 2017 and the new Steering Committee. Therefore, we call for applications for these positions. The advantages of leading Sweden’s network for polar early career scientists, responsibilities, as well as requirements for being eligible are described below.

The deadline for application is 22 November 2016.

APECS Sweden leadership = opportunities

Being in the leadership of APECS Sweden is an exciting responsibility for a polar early career researcher. The position not only provides the opportunity to help build upon a growing network of early career scholars in Sweden, it also creates connections to an international network of other APECS branches around the world, as well as the central APECS organization.

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