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Gothenburg and Stockholm Polar Week events

Save the date! On Wednesday 20th September, there will be an APECS Sweden event on each coast!

Stockholm starts its Polar Pub series

The concept? Two short talks by volunteers, then social evening at the pub.
If you want to volunteer, contact Corinna or Rhiannon.
Uppsala people, APECS Sweden pays for your travel to Stockholm if you want to attend.

20th September, 16.30, KTH for talks, or directly at 18.00 at the “Man on the Moon” on Tegnérgatan

Gothenburg has its second annual Polar conference

A whole afternoon with a poster session and four invited presentations:

  • Robert Björk, Towards a more comprehensive understanding of Arctic shrub expansion;
  • Aleksandra Mazur, Iceberg classification and tracking in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica;
  • Mauricio Fuentes, Tree-ring climate signal from southern Patagonia and teleconnections with the Southern Ocean;
  • Wiebke Aldenhoff, Radar remote sensing of Arctic sea ice.

20th September, starting at 15.00 in GVC Hörsalen.
If you want to bring a new poster, APECS Sweden pays for the printing costs.
Register here to be included in the fika. Pub to be announced after the registration is closed.

APECS career panel in Umeå 8 June

Studying social sciences gives us all plenty of opportunities to use scientific knowledge and skills, not only for a career in academia, but also in governance, community development, planning and many other areas. Learn with us about opportunities and challenges in career choices for early career Arctic social science researchers, both inside and outside academia!

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) will be organising a panel discussion on “Careers opportunities in Arctic Social Sciences” during the 9th International Congress on Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) (8-12 June 2017, Umeå, Sweden), where you will have an opportunity to hear career experiences of our excellent panelists that we hope would be inspiring for your future career choices.

Join us on 8 June 2017 at 14:30 at Umeå University in room MC313.

Meet our panelists:

  • Mare Pit (German Arctic Office / AWI, Germany)
  • Anne-Lill Drugge (Centre for Sami Research (Cesam) – Vaartoe, Sweden)
  • Gail Fondahl (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada)
  • Rasmus Bertelsen (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway)


Message copied from the APECS international announcement.

APECS at EGU 2017

Next week, some of you may be heading to the European Geophysical Union meeting in Vienna.
With its thousands of participants and all its parallel sessions, it’s easy to feel lost during this meeting, especially if it is your first time. But do not worry – we’ve compiled a list of activities for you.
Warning: this list is *slightly* biased towards the Cryosphere division…

Social events

You have not come to Vienna to spend your time with your officemates! Get out and meet new people:

  • Sunday: from 16.00, pre-ice breaker meet-up, organised by the Cryosphere division. Location yet to be determined, so check the page of the event.
  • Tuesday: lunch meeting for anyone interested in joining the author team of the best blog of the EGU network. Practical info to come.
  • Thursday: APECS panel at 15.30, followed by the APECS-Cryo night out
  • All week long: poster session from 17.30, drinks are served and conversations in the middle of the aisle are strongly encouraged

Short courses

You can always find a session of talks that is remotely relevant to your research. But sometimes, you need a bit of break. Check the EGU programme for the list of short courses, they really are diverse!  E.g:

Keep an eye on the list of medal lectures as well. Their names are not very explicit though, so take the time to check the abstract.

Meet the APECS Sweden members

That I know, four of the board members will be attending:

And finally, take the time to explore Vienna! Your EGU participant badge gives you unlimited access to public transport from Monday to Friday, so take a break and visit this beautiful city and its museums, concerts, parks, restaurants, cafés…

In Gothenburg, tonight: Polar Pub!

Are you in Gothenburg tonight? Are you interested in polar research? (of course you are!)

Join APECS Sweden for a Polar Pub!

Starting at 16.30 in Söderhavet (GVCs coffee room), Guldhedsgatan 5C, it will feature cake, coffee and two exciting, short presentations:

– Imke Sievers, “The winter stratification on the Siberian shelf – a one dimension model study”;

– Christopher Leifsson, “Shruboclimatology – Tracking permafrost degradation and climate variability in shrub growth”.

We will then move to the Bishop’s Arms in Järntörget. You can also join us directly there at 18.15.

Check Twitter (@APECS_Sweden) and our facebook group for any update

If you are surprised by this info, that means that you have still not registered to the APECS Sweden mailing list! Do so by going HERE, and selecting Sweden as your country of residence.

Changes are coming

New year, new Executive Secretary, new board members, new ideas… 2017 is looking exciting! Here are the first changes that will happen in the coming weeks:

The editing circle: a forum for peer-reviewing applications

Have you ever written something, but had no one to turn to for comments? Then why not turn to the wider APECS Sweden network? This forum aims at bringing together early career researchers that have a text that needs being read, and others that have time and/or are willing to sharpen their criticism skills. Adapted for funding or job applications when:

  • you are in competition with others in your research group;
  • your advisor is too busy to read you on time;
  • no one around you knows enough about the topic you write about.

Addition of a publication page

Because APECS is about sharing knowledge and increasing your visibility, we will advertise our members’ publications. It will also help students find who to contact for projects.
Each Thursday, one of these publications will be highlighted on Twitter (#ThursdayRead).

While these changes are implemented:

  • send us your publication references;
  • follow us on Twitter @APECS_Sweden;
  • like our page on Facebook and join our group there;
  • and most importantly, tell your friends and colleagues about APECS!