Successful first Workshop of 2019: “Exploring the frontiers of Antarctic research in Sweden”

Last Thursday (23rd May) we had our first workshop for this year: APECS Sweden workshop “Exploring the frontiers of Antarctic research in Sweden”.
Ca. 15 participants from University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University and other universities gathered at the Department of Earth Sciences in Gothenburg and had an interdisciplinary workshop about research in Antarctica with talks from three senior researchers and discussions in smaller groups. In the afternoon, the early career scientists able to participate in a workshop organized by the Swedish Polar Research Secretary, which was also about new research opportunities in Antarctica.


The three questions which were discussed were
1. How do you think technologies and technological advances influence the kind of questions that are addressable in Antarctic research in your field?
2. What global systems are present in Antarctica and why do we need to study them there?
3. How and why does Antarctic research connect to society and stakeholders?